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2 months ago

I am a Unity and Unreal developer having plenty of experience.

Portfolio site:

(more portfolio :

Main unity Project:

IT development professional with over +10 years of experience working with Unity(5 years), Web(2years), Unreal(2 year),

3D animation(1 year) and technical leadership.

• Expertise: scripting, blueprint, UI, network engine (PUN, Mirror, Netcode), animation, physics, AI, XR, shaders,VFX Ads and IAP.

• Strong programming skills: backend and frontend side for game development such as C#, C++, Node.JS, Typescript, Javascript, PHP.

• Experience with using Cloud Services, Firebase, MongoDB and MySQL.

• Experience integrating third-party APIs such as NIFCLOUD-mbaas/ncmb_unity, HasteSDK and more...

• Proficient in 3d max, Maya, Zbrush, and Motion Builder for modeling, mapping, rigging, and animation.

• Experience in developing various game genres including FPS/TPS Shooter, MOBA, MMORPG, RTS, Racing, Casino, simulation and Puzzle.

• Strong knowledge of Agile practices, test driven development, and software engineering design patterns.

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